Personal data protection

  1. The company AUTOŠKOLA NOBE – PATRIK NOSEK, with the residence at the address: Emanuela Podgorného 154/13, 70030 Ostrava – Dubina, Identification no. (IČO): 76294374, registered in the Commercial register led by the District court in Ostrava, section B, inlet10402 processes (in case of your demand for services) the following personal data (in accordance with the Act no. 101/2000 collection of laws), about personal data protection:
    • name and surname
    • email address
    • phone no.


  1. The name and surname, email address and phone no. shall be processed to create the offer of services, lead negotiations about this offer or for the purpose of answering questions that may have been asked. Such a processing of personal data is possible base on provisions of § 5 section 2 letter b) of the Act about personal data protection. This personal data shall be processed by the company AUTOŠKOLA NOBE – PATRIK NOSEK within the period of negotiations about the conclusion of the contract between you and the company AUTOŠKOLA NOBE – PATRIK NOSEK, however max. 1 year since your demand (should you not give us your approval for its further processing).
  2. The personal data are processed by the company AUTOŠKOLA NOBE – PATRIK NOSEK which is an administrator of your personal data. However, the personal data can also be processed by other providers of processing softwares, services and applications for the comp. AUTOŠKOLA NOBE – PATRIK NOSEK who aren´t currently exploited by the company mentioned.
  3. take into account, that base on the Act about personal data protection, you are entitled (as follows):
    • to require from us the information how exactly we process your personal data,
    • to require an explantion from us with respect to the personal data processing,
    • to require an access to this data and ask for corrections or updates of it,
    • to require deletion of personal data. However, such a deletion shall have the termination of the negotiation about the contract as its consequence,
    • to turn to our company AUTOŠKOLA NOBE – PATRIK NOSEK or to turn to the respective data protection authority called „Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů“ in case of your doubts about observance of duties connected with personal data processing.